Monday, March 23, 2009

All the Rage

If my pictures are blurry, no, you're not trippin. My camera drowned in water, but lived to document my life as I really see it; blurry.
Over the weekend, met up with old 909 homies + 'la quickfoot' and Roda. Had some good times at the homo-district.

Model material: Sunny Hwang.

Still Sober.

Sister swapper.

Irish, the pin-up teacher.


'Drunk? Free breathalyzer test. Blow Here'

Give me FIERCE!

Warmed up like dance biscuits.

My favorite fag.

Street chattin.

A blurry bunch.

Bucket drummin.

End Scene.

1 comment:

VALNESS said...

aw looked like fun. next time, i'll go :)