Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New New

Hello World.

I'm officially in the blogspot domain, but my 5 years of blogging in xanga shall not go to waste. I spent too much time on there to just delete it. So it'll still be available for browsing, and I'll probably take some of my favorite posts from there and post them here for some new readers. And if you've been a loyal reader of mine since the xanga era and wanna suggest a favorite post of yours, I'll be glad to re-post it here =). Oh and please be patient with me, I'm customizing this layout especially for me, so there'll probably be a few tweaks here and there. If something is acting wack let me know so I can fix it!

ALSO, be sure to check out mine and dizzie's collabo blog. It's epic. No wait its..

Happy Reading.


Anonymous said...

finally woman!
ive been waiting for the switch.

here we go pointless comments!!

VALNESS said...

sweeeeeeet! yay for comments