Saturday, May 16, 2009

Culture Shock

Forty minutes away from home is a place called Newport Beach.
Where 20-something year old entrepreneurs make fifteen hundred dollar purchases on impulse,

where women glisten in their all-plastic glory,

families walk their kids on leashes and push their pets in strollers,
and oh yeah it's also my place of "work" where I sometimes have to remind myself I'm just forty minutes from home and not on another planet.

You can consider this,
a. an answer to your question "what've you been up to?"
b. a rant
c. a plea for another job
d. all of the above

With that said, you know where to find me...

Newport Beach.

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We all have times when we questions our jobs and if it's really want we wanna do for a living. No worries, it's only the beginning of better things to come :)