Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I've never noticed before, but apparently according to Fullerton City Ordinance, dancing is designated in front of the DJ only. God forbid there be any fun having anywhere besides in front of the DJ. And please take note that this was the only caution sign to the public. So fighting is O.K. just don't get caught dancing by the bar... or else.


Here I sit blogging at work, when I'm not supposed to be.
Tee hee hee
I'm so rebellious.


SAMSON! said...

At least you can get on Blogger. All the sites at my work are pretty much blocked. I only have Gmail and NBA.com. =/

jeffmo said...

was this posted by the commies who run florentine's? man, that bar used to be fun

Linda said...

Reminds me of Footloose.