Monday, June 29, 2009

Here's my card

It's funny when social networks like friendster, myspace, facebook, and twitter blow up like atomic bombs. Sure you use it to 'stay connected' with your close friends and even reconnect with old friends you never thought you'd hear from again. But then again sometimes you come across an instance or two where you randomly meet someone through a mutual friend at a party or some other social function and suddenly, the day after you're best friends on facebook after you shared like what?... 10 minutes chatting at so-and-so's birthday party? Don't get me wrong, that's cool and all, but once you quit talkin to this dude/dudette, you're gonna browse through your profile and wonder who the hell is John?! Or you're gonna get a random comment from Jane who?! Oh yea... that girl.

We all might as well carry these mock business cards with our internet-based-life information on it. Cuz you know, the next thing I want to know about you after I learn your name is what your myspace, facebook, and twitter url are. That way I can see your profile with all your pictures on it and/or see what you're doing every minute of the day because your life is so amusing.

Phew....with that said...

I'll be starting my facebook and twitter accounts tomorrow.


jeffmo said...

Haha that's a really keen observation.. I've had my share of those run-ins at parties on both ends and I've maybe garnered one or two legitimate friendships that way.. What a waste of time.. I need real friends lol

On that note follow me on Twitter! Womp womp.. -_-


Welcome to the REAL world hun. Hahaha... Let's go out soon... I'm in need of an escape ;)