Saturday, January 9, 2010


Thanks to good friend, Hideki, I was introduced to a place called "Guasti's." According to him, the place is known to serve 10 inch pancakes! Upon hearing this I definitely needed to see for myself. And so we went on a little adventure to test these monsterous things.

"La la la.. 10 inch pancakes.. ha ha yeah right!"

"What you looking at?!"

Guasti's Specials

Apple Cinnamon Jelly!

updating status: so hungry

The Goods

"What the....


My hand is just a fraction of the size


As you see.. the 10 inch pancake turned out to be a 12 inch pancake and was NO JOKE. So if you're ever up for a stack of pancakes, look no further and just order one at Guasti's. But if you're up for the challenge, they do come in stacks of 2 and 3 for you heffers out there. Other than the Lochness of pancakes, the rest of the food was almost as tasty and the service was the cherry on top. Every waitress addresses you by "honey," "darling," "sweetie," etcetera etcetera. Just make sure that if you make your way to Guasti's you bring a big appetite and a pocket full of cash (cash only).

13526 Central Ave
Chino, CA 91710


VJM said...

oh mannn! gotta go cause it's so close to my house! haha =)

Linda said...

Ok, I think I have to go here.