Monday, March 29, 2010

Window Seat Please

One of my heroes, Erykah Badu, releases a follow up to her New Amerykah album with New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh which is scheduled to drop tomorrow. I already have a favorite track titled "window seat," which is like a throwback to the original Erykah sound from back in the day. Sometimes artists try too hard to do something different, so it's refreshing when an artist does a track that sounds much like the old, original ones, and this is exactly it for me. It's probably also because I wish I had a window seat on a plane to Japan right now.. but ya know... whatevs. This song will do for now =)


Linda said...

This song is like tall glass of iced tea with a little lemon on a scorching hot day.

JoannAnna said...

Couldn't have said it better

Donnie Darko said...

thats a great song!!

p.s. i still have your necklace, i wear it everyday :)