Monday, April 19, 2010


Just when I thought today was gonna be just another 'Monday,' I was pleasantly surprised to find the latest issue of Juxtapoz on the front counter. An issue dedicated to nothing but David Choe was enough to make this Monday a hit. I flipped through all the pages front to back and couldn't be more satisfied with a magazine that had so much rich content on the crazy character of Mr. Choe. As if a D.Choe front cover wasn't already enough to make me snatch it off the stands, this one's got pages of past and present art, stories and words by friends of Choe and even the dope artist himself. Some of my faves, 

"I've never seen a girl so lost in the city before. I don't know if she was lost or homeless, but she looked like she had stepped out of a Charles Lutwidge Dodgson novel or Tim Burton movie from the '80s. I felt like I just wanted to give her a giant bag of candy laced with elf tears and a huge horse made out of taffy and cotton candy to carry her out of this city and this time period on giant mammatus clouds back to where she belongs. I just drew her instead." - David Choe

"...You either love Dave Choe or hate him because you love him. I hate that." - Bobby Hundreds

Oh and one more thing.. it comes in 4 different covers. (I guess that makes it 4 more things) How awesome is that?! Thanks Juxtapoz!

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