Friday, June 18, 2010

SpOILer Alert

So if you're oblivious to the current events in the world right now, which I hate to admit is most of us, (thanks to the over-saturation of pop culture and the like)'s a little visual to illustrate the severity of the oil spill going on right now. Yes, there IS an oil spill going on right now. And surprise! It's pretty bad.

Soo.. let's not worry about what Lady Gaga will wear next, and start worrying about what's left of the world to enjoy. At the rate our world is deteriorating with 'global warming' and catastrophes such as this, we'll no longer have the luxury of enjoying the simple things like a trip to the beach. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I'm just dreading the day a trip to the beach will be baking under super deadly UV rays and frolicking in oil infested waters. Yuck!!

So what do ya say we take a trip to the beach before our water is no longer water? Yeaa!

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