Monday, September 27, 2010

Catalog Mockery

Los Angeles based Molly Erdman calls herself an actress, writer, and comedian, but not until June of this year could she add accomplished blogger to that list. I say "accomplished" because she manages to post daily and keeps at least me entertained. 

But what does her blog consist of you ask? She describes her tumblr, catalogliving, as "A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs." Still confused? Basically, she takes pages of decorated rooms from your seasonal home furnishing catalog then adds dialogue to it with imaginary characters "Gary" and "Elaine" to poke fun at the ridiculous, unrealistically decorated rooms. 

I never really took notice of how ridiculous home catalogs are furnished until I came across catalogliving's comical mockery. "One day I was casually flipping through a West Elm furniture catalog and realized how ridiculous the decor was in many of the photos. The result is this:" - Molly Erdman.

Some of my faves: 

Ever since he was a child, Gary had wanted to play the decorative yellow stringless mini-cello, but he had to admit he did not take to it as naturally as he had hoped.
Candles?  Convex mirrors?  Gary must have something really romantic planned for our anniversary!
Gary, we got the desk and Medieval Torture Chair you wanted, so why do you still insist on reading on the floor?  Now, where’s that beige book I came in here for?
After a long day, nothing pleases Elaine more than taking off her bracelets and digging into a big bowl of lemons.
Everyone in the neighborhood always looked forward to pulling up a comfy stool and enjoying Elaine’s 4-course bread dinner.

 Ok that's enough from me. See the rest for yourself at: Catalog Living

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