Monday, September 20, 2010

We Be Villain

dizzie is the shit!!!!!!!!

Edit: I leave the laptop for a second and it gets raided by the bffs. What I really meant to post was a recent visit I made to Villain's Tavern in LA's art district. It's in the cuts but well worth the trip for several reasons.

1. It's so kept away from the commercial industry that it feels like a secret hideout. 

2. They serve their beer in mason jars

3. They serve good beer

4. The ambiance is way steezy. Kind of like a cross between a cowboy saloon and a laboratory that mashed in 2010. 

5. Quiet enough to carry a conversation with the person next to you, yet loud enough to not feel awkward silence.

6. No cover

7. Lots of parking (mind you this is in LA, so this one is really rare)

8. A shuffleboard

9. Live music

10. A mature, friendly crowd

If ten good reasons with pictures isn't convincing enough to get your ass out and have a good time... then there's no hope for you. I give this place 4 Zeros.

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