Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ode to Icecream

I spent this past Sunday straight bummin it. And what a great bum day it was. I watched 'My Girl' (which I bought at Target for $5, what a bargain!) Anyway, I almost forgot how good that movie is and how much I love Vada Sultenfuss. If you don't remember the movie... hopefully this little bit from it will refresh your memory:  

'Ode To Icecream'
By: Vada Sultenfuss

I like ice cream a whole lot
it tastes good on days that are hot

On a cone or in a dish
this will be my only wish

Vanilla, chocolate, rocky road
even with pie, a la mode!

I swear, this poem was made for me. mmm icecream!

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VJM said...

I think this poem was made for me too :)