Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los Muertos

As you may or may not know, today is "Dia de los Muertos," literally translated, "Day of the Dead." It's a Mexican holiday also known as "All Saints Day" in Catholic terms, a day to honor and remember the ones who have passed on. 

Since death is naturally associated with sad undertones, the custom is to reverse the negativity with positive expressions in an effort to celebrate life instead of mourn. This is why you might see such symbols as 'sugar skulls,' fancily decorated skulls that are used to mock death. 

And thus, Hallow's Eve (Halloween) came about. America adopted the concept and totally misconstrued the actual history and tradition, much like we have other holidays. So now, every 31st of October we play dress up in skimpy costumes and pass out candy. Yay!

... and that's all for today's history lesson! So take a minute to think of someone special you've lost, and be happy that you remembered their life today.

Now, some of my fave sugar skulls and sugar skull interpretations:

Sugar Skulls - OC Fair '09
Sugar Skull Fam - OC Fair '09

Sugar Skull Galore - Venice Beach '10
Sir Hector's Sugar Skull Tattoo
Sugar Skull Cartons
Sylvia Ji
Brian Viveros
Angelique Houtcamp

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