Sunday, January 30, 2011

Major Recap

This week was l o a d e d, but I say that in the best sense ever. I went from doing the usual to hitting the local bars with a friend that never goes out, starting school, getting an unexpected invitation for a job, discovering "miracle berries" (more about that in another post), to landing that full time gig, getting back on the grind and celebrating more and more and more, so I haven't had a chance to even touch the blog. In fact.. in the mix of everything I had to make another blog for school so if you ever feel like getting bored.. read it. All two entries.

Anyway, it was brought to my attention by my few loyal readers (hi richard, stacey, dez!) that there's tumbleweeds passing through here. So I'll provide somewhat of a visual diary of this week. Or weekend rather. 

Blue Whale, Little Tokyo, 11pm
see thru
quiet please
loungin next to the lovely couple, Alex n Stacey
the Saji
Nikki R
Birthday boys and a mexican
fun having
Riverside head reunion
stacey with ron nery. n-e-r-y
Viewpoint boys
happy birthday Carlo and Warls!

stop 1: Pop Tart Grand Opening Party, Ktown, 9pm
first stop: the bar
free drinks are absolutely necessary
courtesy of Hula Girl
wall art
am I in a Lady Gaga music video?
Nucleus Ladies x Lenora of Pop.Tart
doin work
"Your Face Here" an Austin Young project
sign your life away
still packed
girls galore
pop that
wall space
lights, camera, action
seriously, where am i?
scariest car ever
onto the next one

stop 2: Q Pop Shop Grand Opening, Little Tokyo, 10pm
store front
center piece
junko and naoshi.
artist and owner, Chris Mitchell
and more art
so many goodies
Kevin Dart installation
Elizabeth Ito wall mural outside to set the tone
Pikachu is that you?

stop 3: Alcove Cafe, Los Feliz, 11pm
ain't it the truth
cookies cakes and candy
mm droool
too bad there's that thing called paying
lemon raspberry
red velvet + coffee
berry cheesecake
ice blended caramel drink
chit chat
a night done right
then this sticker on the way home caught my eye

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