Thursday, March 3, 2011

Royally Served

Actually not really. Nothing royal about it at all, besides maybe the name "Royal Falconer," the British Pub I randomly found myself at last weekend with a very lovely gal friend of mine, Jasmine. The random part is that this pub was allll the way in Redlands and yea.. I. was. there. But what brought us out there were Jasmine's friends, a psych rock band by the name "Harlequin Soul." Mountain folk, Alex, Sophie, VC and a no-name, temporary replacement drummer, had everyone in the intimate setting good vibing. The beer selection was decent and the walls were brick (i like exposed brick.. so hot) haha. Anyway,  I didn't know I was down with psych rock until then, I did know that I like free beer, and the personalities that were Harlequin Soul were what overall made for an interesting Saturday night. See what I'm talking about in this little visual summary:

bar side
up close and personal
opening act
brick. so hot right now. haha
Alex and Sophie
Scottish eggs ftw. I thought this was a British place?
one last look

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