Monday, December 26, 2011

Shit My Family Says

Come the holidays also comes quality family time. My family, particularly my aunt, never runs out of things to say that unintentionally keeps us entertained. 

me: Do you have internet?
Tita Lily: Yea!
me: What's the password?
Tita Lily: It's upstairs
me: What's upstairs?
Tita Lily: My passport
me: NO not your passport! Your PASSWORD!

Oh dear....
....minutes later

me: Can my friend Saj come over?
Tita Lily: Who?
me: My friend Saj
Tita Lily: What?!
me: Sajed
Tita Lily: ....sausage??


1 comment:

Jerome said...


Reminds of this dude in SF talking to saj.

Dude: What's your name?
Saj: It's Sajed
Dude: What?
Saj: Sajed.
Dude: Sergeant?
Saj: ...