Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to Impress a Lady

Fellas, here's one of those life lessons you should always keep in mind. Realistically, you may never achieve this, but I'll throw it at you anyway.

This one brought to you by Disney.

Lesson: Chase a lady who can read a book.
Bonus: Chase a lady who can read lots of books
The Catch: Surprise her with a library

Now, you might have to be an animated beast in a Disney movie to afford a ballin' ass room filled with books like this to really impress a lady. But... if you can think up a clever way to size up 'the beast' then you can consider yourself 'a beast' as well. And if you're after a girl who can't appreciate some good literature, then you probably shouldn't be chasing her. In fact, if YOU don't appreciate some good literature and aren't chasing a girl who doesn't appreciate a good book either then both of you probably belong in the zoo.

So, if you'd agree that a lady worth chasing is a lady like Belle, who appreciates the more wholesome things in life, then you better get crackin on figuring out how to get that library. Hey, the answer might even be in a book somewhere. Go read one.

In the meantime,
Watch and learn.


Linda said...

Yep, that library was definitely a panty-dropper, IMO.


Sooo I'm tempted to look through my old videos and watch this classic!