Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I thought this was funny...

Mom: "Oh yeah, this Friday I won't be home"
Me: "Why?"
M: "I'm going to a concert"
M: "Which one?"
M: "A Styx concert"
M: "What the hell?! Do you even know who Styx is?"
M: "Yea, they're an 80's rock band right?"
M: "Yeah, I guess... but they're a rock band"

Point of the story is, if you know my mom and you know Styx, you'll know that the two don't go together. So it'll be interesting to find out what the outcome will be. I predict two probabilities,

1. she'll walk out the concert midway and realize she wasn't meant for it
2. she'll walk out of the concert learning it was a life-changing event, and she'll never be the same.

Heck, the only reason I know who Styx is, is through the movie Big Daddy where Julian quotes,
"He taught me to pee on a building and that Styx is the greatest band in the world and they only got a bad rep because most critics are cynical assholes!"

And so I leave you this:

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

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Anonymous said...

dude! styx is the shiiiiiiiit!! RENEGADE = awesome song