Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Again, a day that consisted mostly of eating. No complaints here. =)

a local Italian spot

for starters
options are good
yes please
salmon creme pasta
not just a bathroom..
thumbs up for creative use of corks
good days always involve good food
open wide
donut hole
upcoming event reminder.. can you spot kodama?
date night
Destination: Roppongi

Roppongi Hills, Kodama's former workplace
Shunbou, Elegant Japanese Cuisine
ready and set
this is not the menu. 10 course meal line up
the homies at work

sashimi platter
that slice of beef was on another level. wish there was more of it
getting full already..
the melon was on point!
distant view of tokyo tower

close up

headin home

but wait, is that a ramen street stand?
kodama just couldn't resist

1 comment:

dez said...

haha. that was like when we went to kobe and we were mad full. but we saw a stand up ramen shop. me and kodama couldnt say no. but that ramen was one of the best <3