Thursday, December 16, 2010


Left Tokyo for the city of Atami to visit the natural hot spring resort, Suyotei

A.B. Cafe, a cute recommendation from Saori
Cute chalk illustrated menu in english
holiday spirit
the menu
our very friendly server
the variety of chairs
some random decor
drink up
my dish. btw the salad dressing was sooooo good!
Kodama's fried rice
strawberry shake
coconut shake. strawberry + coconut shake = yumm!
City of Atami. That man wasn't supposed to be in the photo
a spacious traditional room for 2
sit on the floor
tea time
a dinky thing of a sink
Kodama lookin good in a dress.. err I mean yukata
me too
dinner included
soba, pickled veggies, and salad
stuff i ate
clam, seaweed, and square thing
sashimi platter of course
soup. really good soup
more of it
lets call it a night

not pictured: the hot springs cuz I didn't want my camera to get messed up. but check them out on Suiyotei's site:

And if you ever plan to visit, piece of advice: don't play ping-pong! they'll charge you $12.00!

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