Friday, December 17, 2010


Atami to Osaka

morning view
morning faces

choo choo
sayonara Atami
a public hot spring
yep public
the Kodama train
Kodama waiting for the train
thirsty? you'll find these everywhere
mt. fuji from afar
all majestic close up
beef curry
tonkatsu curry
Manneken waffle for dessert
almond latte waffle
our stay
Dotonbori St.
like the Vegas strip
ichiaki  - itchin for okonomiyaki
heart shaped?! we'll take it!
clean slate
the good stuff
dressed to impress
memory lane
down by the river
a crazy restaurant front
sneaker slippers, I've been looking for you everywhere
caramel milk tea.. my drink of choice throughout the rest of my trip
purikura! one sheet for each of us
my favorite pic
hmm not too sure if they know the connotation behind this
street art
cap the night off with some watermelon soda

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Dizzie said...

ok you went to japan and had a great time...WE GET IT!