Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exploring Kichijoji

Kodama lives in Mitaka-shi a very close neighboring city to Kichijoji, where there's young couples galore, lots of indie shopping, and the beautiful Inokashira Park. For my first day here, it was the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the surroundings Kodama gets to see everyday. And man.. the weather couldn't have been more lovely.

White Peach icecream
Ah nature
bare trees
like a postcard
fall colors!
practicing artists
sitting pretty
Kodama 2D
sitting pretty too
Jo 2D
Kodama 2D - Part II
Jo 2D - Part II
Cutest 2D Couple!
5000 Yen bill straight-face
happy faced
angry faced
Gacha Gacha - Mushroom man
Gacha Gacha - cracked out Donald Duck
Night fall
Chef Kodama
Tonkatsu in the works
Dinner for 2
Don't forget your spoon and... folk?
Hall mates' in 2D too!
...stay tuned for more travels...

1 comment:

Linda said...

The weather looks beautiful. It's freakin freezing here! Hope you're having a blast and don't forget your spoons and folks.