Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wandering traveller

Day two of just wandering around the rest of Kichijoji and ventured into Ikebukuro, the city we stayed at last time. Ah good times!

fresh start
Pepa Cafe inside Inokashira Park.
Lunch Combo no. 1
blame Kodama
Wtf?! Brent Watanabe poster child?!?!
Sunshine city in at night
hey! you're in my shot!
Auntie Anne's? Yes. That's you.
V.Brian - all you can eat Yakiniku
Zoro and Kirby demanded joining us.
Kodama says, "No Kirby!"
Money shot
$10 bucks each?! Can't beat that. Khouse, you have a rival.
Rain and time kept us from our next destination, but we'll surely continue the fun..
Next stop? Tsukiji Market.


dez said...

i dont know if u remember.. but vbrian was the same yakiniku place we went with shingo and bobby. aww. glad ur having fun :)

p.s. i went to explore the town today for the first time and i made a friend. you would be very proud. :)

William said...

ZORO!!! =D looks like ur having fun out there!

Jeromey without you said...

Jacked yo shit niggy. FTW loves you.

sodge said...

nice beannie kodams.