Friday, March 25, 2011


If you're like me, and love waffles you'll be siked that a new waffle truck has emerged! It's called Waffles de Liege and they're launching so close to home, you'll be able to smell the batter and syrup before they've even left their headquarters. They'll be at Speedzone, City of Industry, tomorrow from 5-8PM, so if you really love waffles you'll head there right now and camp out. Ok no one should do that.. but get there early, because the aroma and tastiness will surely attract a crowd and who knows how many mouths they can feed in just 3 hours. 

I love waffles. So much that if pancakes and waffles had a war it'd be like Braveheart; you'll find me on the front line of the waffles side defending their delicious goodness. It's that serious. The only things I love just as much are icecream, cereal, french fries, cheetos and boba.

I've just now realized I'm a fatty.


jerbear said...

pancakes. ftw = fuck that waffle.

Joannanna said...

no!! f your soggy pancakes!

jerbear said...

Empirical research has found that when one says "waffle" with a mouth full of waffles it sounds like "awful". Research don't lie Jo. hanky pancakes are winning.