Thursday, June 30, 2011

So long June, Hello July.

Where the heck did June go? Last I remember I was dog and house sitting at the beginning of the month and suddenly tomorrow is July. Anyway, here are some things that happened in June that I didn't get to post because of the recent laptop dump.

Zero says hello
A Saturday night through a cracked iPhone lens
The Swagger jacker
smiley Daisy
sleepy Phoebe
The sweetest thing - breakfast buns left by your boyfriend's mom
Bet you can't guess what they're looking at.
Big chillin on la slope
Can you spot the majestic Peacock?
Homemade strawberry cheesecake for Switch x Jo birthday
birthday chucks
cookies + brownies = cookiebrownies = deliciously delicious!
In case you thought it was a shady place for sunny people. Get it straight.
Churros Calientes, Santa Monica. Get 'em while they're hot
Roni and Pepper portraits
The real Pepper
Horrible engrish in Santa Monica
Gobi, Mongolian bbq with Sunny
Kaia, the prettiest bitch at work
Sorry, leave the snakes at home.
Leila, I like your song.

Bring it on July!

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